Flowers of gratitude

Flowers of gratitude

Flowers of gratitude 

Dear Mother Clara, 
for the total dedication of your life
and heroic fidelity to God's plans,
 you made the divine dream possible, 
together with Father Raimundo dos Anjos 
of alleviating human pain 
through merciful hospitality, 
Accept our homage of gratitude!

In the name of your people and of all those who share 
the grace of the Franciscan Hospitaller Charism 
that has been received, cared for and handed over by you, 
with which you challenge us to continue your work 
of bringing light and warmth wherever there is good to be done:

In the name of the children 
who in your heart found a hospitable home 
and the warmth of a mother...

In the name of the abandoned and lonely
fallen by the wayside in the city 
to whom you stretched out your hand in the darkness of their lives...

In the name of those who were in agony in the darkest moments of their lives
and from You received the balm that soothed their pain... 

In the name of those from distant lands 
awaited the Good News and have witnessed the arrival of 
Untiring messengers of God's tenderness…

In the name of the immense clamour 
of refugees and victims of all types exploitation 
Whose voice left an echo in your sensitive heart...

In the name of the countless people who, with trust, implore your intercession 
in their needs and afflictions, and of all those who have had the grace 
to have their prayers so wonderfully answered.

Wednesday, December 1 2021