For Mother Clara

For Mother Clara

A mother's birthday is always a day of celebration that goes beyond the date of her birth, because it is the beginning of a family history. We, Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, daughters of Mother Clara, as well as the lay people who participate, with us,  in the same charismatic gift (as Fasfhic); celebrate today, in thanksgiving, the 178th anniversary of the birth of our dear Foundress, who invites us to party, to share the joy of believing and to follow in the footsteps of a life made of donation.





A life dedicated to the service of God
A heart dedicated to love Him
O sweet child of Jesus, so pure and true
We seek blessings from God and you above.

You lived your life in truth and faith
Your sincere heart so full of praise
A human touch, yet so Divine
So many miracles down the line.

You gave up your all to answer God’s call
Facing trials, temptations and toil
Yet you never gave up courage and hope
The strength of conviction kept your light aglow.

You touched each life with kindness so rare
You gave the most needy, your love and care
With your helping hand, they have a reason to live
You shared so much, hands outstretched to give.

You are the Chosen one, for the needy ones
Doing good where there is good to be done
With noble virtues, you spread your light
Never fearing to stand up for the right.

We turn to you, O Mother dear,
For your great strong faith that keeps us alive
Petitions through you, to Christ the Son
May you share in the Glory of the Risen one.


                                                (Katia D'Silva)

Monday, June 14 2021