Hymn of the Jubilee Year 1871-2021

Hymn of the Jubilee Year      1871-2021

150 Years to Light and Warm
CONFHIC || 1871-2021

Lucere! Fovere!
Light up and Warm up!
Lucere! Fovere!
Light, Light… and warm!

1. With eternal love, Lord, you created us.
To be a Charism in expression.
In the middle of the “impossible” You dreamed of us
Grateful memory is our gratitude.

2. Make us an open house to all who arrive
Without knowing You, they insist on looking for.
Tired, aimless and so lost
Looking for a port to anchor.

3. Lead our helm, for the winds are adverse
Open our tent to the migrante, to the foreigner.
Give us the audacity of Clara and Raimundo
To offer the world a hospitable being.

4. Set the new fire to set the world on fire
Revive in all of us the gift of do good.
We want anchor our life in You
In the mission of lighting and warming.


Lyrics: Sr. Maria Amélia da Costa IFHIC - CONFHIC 2020

Music: Sr. Maria Amélia da Costa IFHIC and Vitor Pereira


Vídeo: https://youtu.be/fGyD4MYuNRw


Wednesday, September 30 2020