Little Flowers


As Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, we wish to contemplate and celebrate, in this Jubilee Year, the great deeds that the Lord has done and still does, for us and through us, helping us to build a promising future that we all dream of! 

A note from our chronicler, Sr. Maria da Saudade de Jesus. She gives us the key to read all the little flowers that will follow. The key is: The power of God is revealed in fragility! 
And so says Sister Saudade: 

Our Congregation is a beautiful flower, which our Lord has made to bloom in the garden of the Holy Church, and which He Himself has watered and cultivated until He transformed it into this leafy tree which we admire today, standing firm and unwavering, supported by God who will never cease to guide it.

We rejoice in the Lord, always with the certainty that everything comes from the goodness of God. Let us affirm with our Chronicler, that the love, zeal and mercy of God has brought us to this point and, we have the hope that He will lead us into the shadow of His light, and guide us on the path He desires for us.

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Little Flower for the month of October 2020 (PDF) / (Audio)


Little Flowers for the month of November 2020 (PDF)