Jubilee Year 150 Years of CONFHIC

Jubilee Year 150 Years of CONFHIC

Starts at
03/05/2020 00:00

Ends at
04/05/2021 00:00

Jubilee Prayer

Most Holy Trinity,
Provident and Good God,
seeing your children in need, 
you called Raimundo and Clara
in a time like ours, 
to respond to the human 
and spiritual poverty
of countless brother and sisters 
near and far,
through the Congregation founded by them.

We thank you
for the great gift of your merciful
and compassionate acceptance,
which has formed so many
franciscan hospitaller hearts
to radiate your kind and maternal solicitude.

We thank you
for the 150 years 
of being Light and Warmth,
a gift of Your Fidelity,
which continues to call us 
to be among the poor,
making them experience 
your Providential glance.

Together with Mary, 
the Immaculate Hospitaller,
and our Founders,
we give glory to God, and with hope,
we entrust our tomorrow in Your hands.