CONFHIC at World Youth Day

The participation of the Congregation of Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters (CONFHIC) in World Youth Day (WYD) in 2023 was a remarkable and inspiring journey, marked by a profound connection with Blessed Maria Clara of the Child Jesus, who was chosen as one of the Patrons of the event. This selection resonated deeply within the entire Congregation, sparking a wave of enthusiasm that reverberated through various facets of the preparations for the event.

This endeavour was far more than a routine engagement; it was a deeply spiritual mission guided by the overarching theme of WYD 2023, “Mary arose and set out on her journey.” In response, the Sisters undertook a quest to introduce not only the Foundress but also to convey the profound spirituality and the rich Charism bestowed by God upon the world and the Church.

The Congregation’s involvement in WYD embraced a multifaceted approach, involving their presence at the Vocational Fair, one-on-one interactions, and a series of profound spiritual moments. The Vocational Fair presented a unique opportunity for the Sisters to engage with young people from diverse backgrounds. Through meaningful interactions, they had the privilege of sharing their mission, values, and the profound significance of their spiritual journey. In doing so, they were able to showcase the beauty and depth of their calling, inspiring young hearts.

The one-on-one encounters were particularly poignant, as they allowed for more personal connections with the youth. Through heartfelt conversations and the sharing of personal experiences, the Sisters became mentors, offering guidance and support to those seeking answers and purpose on their own spiritual journeys. These interactions became profound moments of transformation and mutual growth, where hearts and souls were enriched.

However, the cornerstone of their participation lay in the spiritual moments. The Sisters found immense joy and solace in witnessing the spiritual awakening and deepening of faith among the participants.

In conclusion, the Sisters’ involvement in World Youth Day transcended a mere event. It was a transformative and deeply fulfilling experience that left an indelible mark on all those who were fortunate to be a part of it. The mission of the Congregation in WYD 2023 was more than just an external journey; it was a spiritual odyssey, deeply rooted in their commitment to serving the youth, fostering faith, and honouring the legacy of their Foundress and their rich Charism.