Conscious of the social, ecclesial and congregational times that we are living in, and in conformity with the theme for the XXVII General Chapter: Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception –Minority, Hospitality, Fruitfulness – , we propose: - To re-initiate processes of growth and transformation that promote the quality of the personal, communitarian and missionary life in the Congregation, taking into account the journey undertaken in the last six years, and to seek to assume the proposals approved in majority by the Congregation.





    Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Most High and good Lord, to you all honour, all glory and all praise!

    We praise and thank you Lord for your continuous presence in us and in the life of our Congregation. Revive in us the spirit of Fr. Raimundo and Blessed Maria Clara, who were true witnesses of faith, surrender, fidelity and service to the poor and needy of their time. As we prepare for our XXVII General Chapter, let the light of your Spirit shine upon us, so that we may be open and available to welcome your will with love.

    Give us the interior disposition of Mary, servant and poor who listened to your Word, and with her Yes, embraced your plan of salvation. Strengthen the faith, the awareness of the reality and the courage of our Sisters participating in the Chapter. May they be open and docile to the Spirit’s creative action. Grant that, moved by Him, they may know how to listen, dialogue and discern. In this way, they will be able to respond with generosity and audacity to the challenges that our Congregation, the Church and the world faces today.

    Lord, may this Chapter be an experience of deep fraternal love and communion for all of us! In union with Mary, the first Hospitaller and our holy Founders, we give you glory, O Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and ask you to bless the work of the XXVII General Chapter, that, we confidently surrender into your hands. Amen.



    We live our vocation and charismatic mission "inserted in the world and situated in time” (cf. Constitutions, pg. 11). We walk in the providen-tial glance of God, as Mother Clara used to say. The social, cultural and ecclesial reality around us challenges us and makes us watchful and alert to discern the will of God and to follow Jesus with great fidelity, making the love of the Father and his mercy visible to all people, especially to the least and destitute.

    We are called to be “as watchmen’ who keep the longing for God alive in the world and reawaken it in the hearts of many people, as well as a thirst for the infinite,” (Pope Francis) we are called to be seekers of and witnesses to visible and life-giving Gospel plans. We need to be men and women of strong faith, but also with a capacity for empathy, for close-ness, and with a spirit both creative and creating; not people who confine the spirit and charism to rigid structures for fear of losing them” (Keep Watch, 13).


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